Does bet365 work in South Africa? We Will Tell You Now

Feb 22

Does bet365 work in South Africa? We Will Tell You Now

When it comes to betting on online sites, a common question is whether the platform is legal or whether we are committing some kind of infringement. After all, online gamblers want to have fun, knowing that they are in a safe, reliable and legal environment. In this article you will find more information on the topic and find out if betting is legal. Check out!

Is Bet365 legal?

You have probably seen some bet365 work in South Africa, like commercial, especially on football games or sports channels. Bet365 is currently one of the largest gambling sites in the world, with thousands of customers logging into their accounts daily to discover the best in sports. If you are not yet part of this site, you may be thinking of starting to access it, and then “bump” in doubt: Is Bet365 legal in South Africa? To answer this question, we need to go deeper into the topic.

South Africa

Betting legislation in South Africa is very old. Dating back to the 1960s, casinos have been banned across the country, back and forth (bingo) a few times over the years. However, at no time does the law prohibit online games. Therefore, unlike European countries like Portugal, we do not have specific legislation for online gambling sites, which are considered legal since their headquarters are located outside the country. This means that in practice bet365 app working in South Africa.

Besides, those who bet on the internet have no problem with justice. The gambling law does not talk about online casinos, and the IRS allows you to declare your winnings from such sites. The good news is that over the past year, then-President began the sports betting regulation project, which will bring about positive changes in this regard. After all, the sites will pay taxes and will have to follow safety and user protection requirements.


But does this mean that bookmakers are currently not protected? On the contrary: to operate, they need an operating license, usually issued by governments such as Malta, Gibraltar, the Isles of Man, among others. That is, you can play quietly on a licensed site, which is not prohibited in South Africa and the user does not encounter risks. Bet365 is a great option, licensed by Malta and follows strict Fair Play policies. Choosing a site that has this type of license is critical to finding greater security and staying away from fraud and theft.

Can you open a Bet365 account living in South Africa?

Yes, South Africans are accepted on the platform and can have fun without worries, knowing that it is legal to bet.

As it is mentioned earlier, online gambling is not a problem, and if you are very lucky and win a considerable prize, you can easily declare it to the IRS. This is clear proof that there is no legal impediment to betting on registrant account bet365 in South Africa.