How to bet on American football in SA? Get the Option

Dec 11

How to bet on American football in SA? Get the Option

Are you a football fan? Would you like to bet, but you don’t know how? Here we will tell you everything you need to know before you start bet on NFL games from South Africa. Know all the markets available in bookmakers to start playing. Join this article, how to bet on American football? Let’s go there!

There are many American football leagues around the world, but the most popular in bookmakers is the NFL, National Football League, for its acronym in English. Its market is extremely wide and you can bet on several moves, some American football bet tips below.

How to bet on American football?


The National Football League is made up of 32 teams, divided into two conferences, National and American. 17 games are played per team in 17 weeks and each one rests for a week. Each conference is incorporated with 4 divisions, north, east, south and west, each with 4 teams.

Play offs

The best teams in each division automatically qualify for Play Offs, while the top two seconds qualify for a wild card round. The two best teams in each conference automatically pass the wild card round.

Super bowl

After a direct elimination and a conference final, they face in a final duel, the champion of the American conference and the champion of the national conference, to contest one of the most important events of the year in the sports show in the world. Also, betting markets are among the most relevant for bookmakers. The Super Bowl is one of the games where more money moves when betting on casinos around the world. Learn how to picking bet on NFL team?


What can you bet before and during each game? Then all the markets available in football games in online casinos.


Quarters and Halves Betting

Bets can be made by full game, by halves, or by quarters, depending on the options offered by the bookmakers.


It is defined by the team that has obtained the most points in the determined period. In other bets, there are usually advantages or disadvantages for unbalanced games, giving you more competitiveness per game.

These advantages are called Handicap. Points are awarded to the least favorite team to win and the difference depends on the disadvantage with which the team arrives. Also, points are taken away from the favorite team, and the points awarded against it are defined by the difference in competition between both teams.